About Natalie

A photo of Natalie

Reiki by Natalie was inspired by a spiritual awakening. After over 30 years of working in the hospitality industry, I was lost and not happy and was on a soul search. I started attending meditation classes and came across Reiki. I went to a Reiki circle class and fell in love with it. After attending the class I had a Reiki session which changed my life. I felt amazing, with a clear head, and all of my stress and worries went away. I wanted to learn more and become a Reiki practitioner. I started my journey and took all of the appropriate precautions with guidance of my Angels and became a practitioner with a lot of hard work.  

As a young girl I have always had a strong connection with the spiritual world. With this came a very strong intuition. Using my intuition to guide me, I opened the path to Reiki. Life has never been better and I love that I can help people. Becoming a healer was my calling. 

Smudges and Blessing have become a specialty. Getting certified in smudges has opened many doors and is giving me the opportunity to help cleanse people, their homes, and businesses. 

I truly love what I do and am so excited to start the rest of my journey with all of you. Welcome to Reiki by Natalie.